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November 4, 2011

Follow Friday -- Legacy Family Tree Webinar

Today, Mary Hill presented a webinar with the Legacy Family Tree.  Her webinar is available for free viewing until November 14.  Here is the writeup about the webinar:
FamilyRoots Organizer System.  Researchers need a simple way to organize genealogy records. The FamilyRoots Organizer System is easy to understand, simple to set up, and simple to use. Join us to learn the system and find out how using Legacy you can color-code your families to coordinate with your paper files.
This is a great seminar for someone who wants to become better organized.  She shows how, with supplies purchased at your neighborhood office supply store, to create a file system so you can file and find your research results.  It's a color coded system: blue for your father's father line, green for your father's mother line, red for your mother's father line, and yellow for your mother's mother line.  Give the webinar a try!


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Cathy said...

Thanks for the share. See also family tree to know your family background. Thanks.

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