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February 4, 2012

Accomplishments in the Past Year

Some of us board members were commenting about how we don't do much business in our board meetings.  Our President, Yvonne Adams, made a list of all of the accomplishments members of our society have done in the past year.  It is a pretty impressive list and we should all be very proud of ourselves.

  1. Increased our publicity using newspapers, online sites, and a table at the Peddlar's Faire.
  2. Cleaned up our Standing Rules
  3. Created name tags for our members to wear at General Meetings
  4. Resumed research trips
  5. Changed our General Meeting format to encourage more member sharing
  6. Resumed the Teaching Moment
  7. Increased dues so we could increase the stipend for speakers
  8. Continued with donations to Toys for Tots and the Food Bank
  9. Created Inventory Sheets for Officers for a smoother transition
  10. Created Blue Books for Officers with a list of duties and a timeline
  11. Created a Refreshment Committee
  12. And lastly created a display case at the Pleasant Hill Library which will be on display the month of February 2012.  Below is a photo of the display case.

Display created by the Contra Costa County Genealogical Society at the Pleasant Hill Library

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